Yacht Management

Comprehensive luxury yacht care is our specialty. Our management team is comprised of highly qualified personnel who guide you through each process no matter how intricate, demonstrating full transparency throughout your yacht ownership. Our goal is to provide personalized care plans that exceed each client’s expectations in which we are always on hand to help with fast response times. We offer a variety of services including but not limited to crewing and technical management, to coordinating charter itineraries, as well as maintenance planning and support. Rest assured that at Elite Yachting Solutions we continually uphold our core values of quality, accountability and integrity.

We understand that owning a yacht is a full-time endeavor that is why EYS specializes in customized care plans just for you! Our management plans are here to maximize your enjoyment time while minimizing the associated risks of yacht ownership. Our goal is to work as a team, providing professional service while creating lasting partnerships with you, the vessel owner. Our highly dedicated team of specialists strive to secure your investment while elevating your experience by exceeding expectations.

Operational Management

Our management plans ensure that your yacht is operated safely, smoothly, and hassle free. We optimize your time on the water by assisting in travel planning, securing vessel dockage and provisioning for each trip. We provide crew placement and staffing, whether permanent or temporary, providing the best possible candidates that suite our clients needs. Our professional team is well versed on the importance of safety of operations and procedures while onboard each vessel.

Technical Management

To uphold your investment to the highest standard, we conduct routine maintenance with periodic reviews of vessel status. When scheduling repair or warranty work, we advise on the best shipyards and subcontractors while negotiating competitive quotes that stay in the realm of your discussed budget. Here at EYS, we take on the role as on owner representative for the project at hand, monitoring shipyards and vendors to be sure they are functioning efficiently and cost effectively. We provide careful planning and day-to-day on site monitoring to ensure your project is completed in the time standard agreed upon therefore minimizing your cost and vessel downtime.

Concierge and Logistics

We believe communication is key. EYS is here to provide client support and advice on vessel status while in the service yard or at the home dock. Don’t have a home dock? We locate and arrange dockside placement for your vessel within your desired budget and location. Our team of qualified personnel operate with utmost professionalism and discretion in creating realistic budgets to ensure your yacht expenses are simple and stress-free. We take great pride in being transparent on all associated cost, providing detailed monthly statements for each service rendered.